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Mallory Meadows LLC

Mallory Meadows LLC

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About Us

We are a family living our dream. We always wanted some land to grow our own food without pesticides and purchase organic heirloom seeds to plant. We as a family savor our time outdoors, connecting with our land and animals as well as each other. We
are so thankful you've chosen to connect with us. It's an honor to share our harvest with this outstanding community.

We grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits which we use in our products as well as selling at local farmers' markets.
Jams, hot sauces, honey, hemp and hemp products (all grown and processed on our farm), wax (from our hives) based health products, lip balm and bone balm, craft items; seasonal products; everything is made on our farm we grow or comes from other local farms in our area of South Eastern Wisconsin. We have bee hives, chickens for eggs and meat, geese for eggs, turkeys for
meat, and mustards flavored with our honey and Wisconsin cranberries.

Rep/Contact Info

Zach Mallory