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Madame Chu Delicacies


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About Us

Madame Chu is a local condiments producer in Madison, Wisconsin. Madame Chu specializes in Southeast Asian Delicacies. All products are handmade in small batches and produced locally using all natural ingredients (no MSG, non-GMO, vegetarian). The company offers handcrafted products representing the authentic flavors. Each product uses techniques passed from generation to generation with a mission to fill the void of Southeast Asian flavors in the market.

Madame Chu currently carries 3 flavors of Southeast Asia condiments. They are sambal nyonya, ginger garlic, and satay peanut nyonya. Our company is currently focused on making these condiments with many more flavors slated for the future. Madame Chu is also planning to venture into the snack food and beverage sector.

The Sambal Nyonya is a deep red chili paste that carries a unique and assertive heat. Sambal Nyonya compliments eggs, rice and noodle dishes, or any savory dish that benefits from some added heat.

Madame Chu?s Ginger Garlic is light and flavorful. It carries a punch of fresh ginger and a gentle hint of the aromatic garlic. The ginger garlic paired with noodles, seafood, chicken, vegetables and different stir-fry dishes.

The Satay Peanut Nyonya is a dense peanut pesto that strikes a balance between the heat of the peppers and the richness of peanuts. The ingredients come together offering a sweet, hot and sophisticated flavor. This condiment goes well on its own with grilled chicken, fish, tofu; or can be mixed with coconut milk for a creamier consistency. It also works as a base for noodle dishes.

Rep/Contact Info

Josey Chu-Johnson