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Wisconsin Hereford Association


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About Us

The Wisconsin Hereford Association (WHA) continually supports members in their efforts to raise and market Hereford cattle. The Wisconsin Hereford Association membership welcomes individuals, families, farms, and herds of all sizes! Membership is open to anyone with interest and enthusiasm for Hereford cattle. The WHA provides family-friendly networking opportunities with other WI Hereford breeders through educational and social events such as: farm tours and summer picnic, the yearly WHA Spring Sale and banquet, agricultural trade shows and field days in WI, and more!

WI Hereford Breeders continually strive to utilize Hereford genetics to enhance the efficiency and profitability of raising beef cattle in Wisconsin. WI Hereford Breeders select cows for structural soundness and moderate frame size to have good longevity in a variety of forage-based management systems. Bulls, cows, and replacement heifers are carefully selected by WI Hereford Breeders to optimize maternal and growth traits, to fit herd goals for calving ease, cow performance, fertility, and weaning weights. WI Hereford Breeders also select bulls for optimal carcass traits to enhance profits and efficiency of finished cattle.

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Lisa Davis