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Porchlight Products

Porchlight Products

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About Us

Porchlight Products helps its employees reach their goals by providing confidence-building job skills and creating revenue to support Porchlight programs. By reaching out to physically or mentally challenged people, we work with an often marginalized group and develop a sense of purpose, accomplishment and satisfaction in their lives that contributes to their stability and independence. The vast majority of the produce we work with comes from local farms bolstering our community in many ways.

Items Available:
Apple Butter - 8 Oz. Jar - 4.50
Grape Jelly (Check on Availability) - 8 Oz. Jar - 4.00
Raspberry Jam (Check on Availability) - 8 Oz. Jar- 4.50
Strawberry Jam (Check on Availability) - 8 Oz. Jar- 5.00
Rhubarb Jam - 8 Oz. Jar - 4.00
Applesauce - Quart Jar - 6.50
Curtido (A spicy picked mix of red cabbage, carrots, onions, and jalapeño pepper) - 12 Oz. Jar - 5.50
Dilly Beans - 12 oz. Jar - 5.50
Pickled Asparagus - 12 oz. Jar - 5.50
Sauerkraut - Quart Jar - 6.00
Cranberry Scone Mix - 7.50
Cherry Scone Mix - 7.50
Blueberry Scone Mix - 7.50
Multi-Grain Pancake Mix - 6.50


Dilly Beans are great for charcuterie boards!
Curtido, a mildly spicy pickled vegetable relish is the perfect compliment to your tacos, nachos and tostadas!
Try our house-fermented Sauerkraut with all of your favorite sausages!
Our gift box sets aren't just for holidays any more. Give one to somebody today.
Proud Members of Dane Buy Local!

Rep/Contact Info

Drew Niedercorn
Director of Kitchen Programs