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Odyssea Sangria


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About Us

Odyssea Sangria is a canned Sangria company founded and operated by Wisconsin native and nationally renown mixologists Daniel Beres, Tripper Duval, and Tom Dufek. Locally made in Sun Prairie, WI by using decades of craft cocktail expertise and shared travel experiences, Odyssea aims to make the best tasting, most convenient, and easily accessible Sangria to ever a can.

RED - Inspired by Sangria recipes from Northern Spain, our Red Sangria focuses on blending regional ingredients with complimentary flavors and modern production techniques.

WHITE - While White Sangria is perceived to be a more modern variation, ours is steeped in Spanish culinary tradition.

ROSÉ - As traditions evolve, so has Sangria. With so many beautiful Rosés from Spain, France, the U.S. and more, it was only a matter of time before Rosé-based Sangria became 'a vibe' as the kids say. So we thought what better way to embrace change, than by mixing the old with the new.

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