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Dalla Terra Pasta


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About Us

Dalla Terra Pasta creates a superior line of hand-crafted, traditional Italian pasta using primarily fresh local organic ingredients for our flavoring and color. Dalla Terra is Italian for ''from the land'' and we intend to bring honor to our local farmers who strive to provide our region with the highest quality of fresh foods.

Dalla Terra Pasta is handcrafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients available. Durum Wheat and Semolina dough is mixed with whole food purees which are predominately sourced from local farms. After blending the dough, we then sheet or extrude the dough. Dalla Terra Pasta is then naturally air-dried for approximately forty-eight hours before being hand harvested and packed for our customers. Dalla Terra Pasta also offers a weekly selection of fresh ravioli using Wisconsin cheeses which are distributed to local stores. We care deeply about our pasta and know that you will too!