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Cylon Rolling Acres LLC

Cylon Rolling Acres LLC

MeatMaple Syrup

About Us

Cylon Rolling Acres is a farm in Western Wisconsin where the Svacina family raises grass-fed goat and lamb with regenerative farming and rotational grazing practices. We also run a small sugar bush on the farm as well.

Grass-fed goat: available by the cut, organ meat, bones, sausage and a Farm Club quarterly subscription box featuring our goat meat or a charcuterie kit.
Grass-fed lamb: By the cut, coming soon.
Pure Maple Syrup

The meat and maple syrup are available online at for nationwide shipping or local pick up.


Leslie, who owns Cylon Rolling Acres, stands at the pickup counter in the farm pack shed.
Our goats and sheep are grass-fed and moved every 1-2 days during the summer time on our farm.
We ship our goat meat nation-wide through UPS for a 1-2 day delivery packed with dry ice or ice packs.
Chevo en coco - Goat in coconut sauce - featuring our ground goat
Goat Wonton Soup - featuring our ground goat
Charcuterie Kit - featuring our goat sausage and other Wisconsin and Midwest goodies -- offered seasonally and with our Farm Club
Our goat meat is sold by the cut or in variety boxes.
Chimichurri goat chops - made with Cylon Rolling Acres goat chops
Cylon Rolling Acres maple syrup
The Svacina family owns and operates Cylon Rolling Acres in Western Wisconsin.

Rep/Contact Info

Leslie Svacina